10 December 2009

December Happenings

December has been going well, at least the Christmas part of it. We made a list of ideas that we could choose from, so we're doing something for Christmas each day. It's always seemed like, since I was little, that we decorated for Christmas at the beginning of the month, and then you did a few things here and there, but you sort of forgot about Christmas by the middle of the month. Our list is pretty simple, but I think the boys have been having fun. And I made popcorn strings for the first time. They're cooler that I thought they'd be.

The December part that hasn't been quite as good was finding out we have a major roof leak and will have to move to another apartment next week. We couldn't quite make it through an entire year without a move. At least I feel vindicated for reporting mold and water dripping from the ceiling since last Christmas.

It's not every Christmas that you get to decorate twice. We're all actually a little excited at the prospect of trying out a new apartment. Maybe we've moved a little too often?

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