07 December 2009

Fiesta Bowl Disappointment

Count me as one of the people who's disappointed in the Boise State-TCU bowl matchup. I was pleased to see two non-BCS teams go undefeated, but it would have been better to have just one if they're going to be matched against each other.

If you're going to complain about weak schedules in the Mountain West and the WAC (and that's a legitimate complaint), then don't take away one of the few chances for those teams to play a team with a good schedule. Or does the BCS just not want to see a repeat of Utah-Alabama or Boise State-Oklahoma?

It'll be meaningless, whichever team wins. And I don't think I've ever watched a bowl game where I very much wanted both teams to win.

I imagine this will be the only football-related post of the year. Back to our regular programming.

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