01 January 2010

And What I'd Like for the 2010s

Live in Central Asia for most of the 10 years
Send my oldest two children on a religious mission
Pay off all our student loans
Write a book about traditional bone games in Central Asia
Learn Tajik and Uzbek
Homeschool and parent effectively so my children are ready for whatever they want to do
Enjoy my boys
Not move quite as often as we did this decade
Live by the ocean for a little while
Travel around China by train
Go to Siberia
Buy a bit of land in Idaho
Read, read, read, read

Maybe if I'm still blogging in 10 years I'll see what the decade actually held.  I know if you'd asked me ten years ago what the 2000s would be like, I wouldn't have guessed a lot of the things that really happened.

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