26 November 2009

Too Bad the Pilgrims Weren't Afghan

Every year I think about being a little creative with Thanksgiving dinner, only to have any idea that's outside the norm shot down by the rest of the family. And I suppose it's fair, since they have to eat weird things all the rest of the year. So tomorrow we'll be having everything American-style, from the turkey to the rolls to the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie (I do sneak a little coconut milk into the pies though).

If I got to make a Thanksgiving dinner for myself, we'd have flatbread, chicken kebabs, some kind of basmati rice, a yogurt-vegetable salad, and we could still eat the American pies. Or we could have tamales, red rice, salsa, black beans, and the pies.

The cranberries are ready, and the pumpkin and chocolate pie, the bread cubes are dry, and the roll dough is in the fridge. Tomorrow we'll roast the turkey, heat the ham, make potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls, and bake the store-bought raspberry pie (cheating, yes, but I can't buy raspberries for less than the pie cost). That still sounds pretty good, even if the tamales sound better.

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  1. Those cranberries sound really good. Very few berries growing in this garden of a country.