29 November 2009

Lazy Reading

I've been reading a bunch of things recently, but not finishing anything new. I was working on a memoir and a biography, but, as so often happens, I fizzled out on both before the end of the book. That type of book isn't the best for me to check out of the library because I don't always read straight through them. The memoir was Dragon Fighter, about Rebiya Kadeer, a Uyghur activist. I got bogged down in her myriad business dealings, and even though her political activities picked up farther into the book, I just didn't keep going. The biography was Through the Land of Extremes about the Littledales, a husband and wife team who travelled extensively in Central Asia more than 100 years ago. Again, it was interesting, and I'd like to read more sometime, but not right now.

I also reread (again) The Girl of the Limberlost. I can't figure out why I like that book so much- the writing is overdone, it's preachy, some of the characters are terribly predictable, all good reasons to not like it. It's a lot like Little Women, though. I just can't help loving it.

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