31 October 2009


I think this will be my last vampire book ever. Since it was written by Robin McKinley, it was certainly better than, say, the Twilight series (Stephenie Meyer isn't anywhere near as good a writer as McKinley) and it's unfortunate that Twilight is the one that got all the attention instead of this one. The plot is just much better, even though it's certainly not as "clean" as Twilight (although I think you can make a good argument that those aren't as clean as some people make them out to be). I didn't love it, though. McKinley's books always seem to spend a lot of time in the narrator's head, but it seemed that we almost parked in Sunshine's head for long chunks of the book. But it was a quick read, and fun, and different.

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  1. Ah, yes, intense and well written, yet too narrative-driven. I totally agree.