14 October 2009

The People Who Are Wrong on the Internet

Some days you just don't have enough time to sort out all the people who are wrong on the internet. Today I am barely managing to ignore discussions on whether Islam is important in Central Asia, whether service is about the server or the servee, and whether the LDS Church's policy on undocumented residents is reasonable.

For the record, Islam is a vital part of Central Asia, service is about the one who is served (although it's nice if it also benefits the one who serves), and it's crazy to think a person should be denied baptism or other rites in the LDS Church because they are not legally in the country they are currently in (and therefore the current policy is very reasonable).

Now I can get on with my day.

1 comment:

  1. Amira, Where is the immigrant debate going on? I'm interested in the topic.