23 September 2009

The Year My Son and I Were Born

The Year My Son and I Were Born: A Story of Down Syndrome, Motherhood, and Self-Discovery
I took a break from lots of interesting reading about language and languages to read this book by Kathryn Lynard Sloper. I wanted to read it because I like anything she writes, but this book turned out to be so much more than a well-written memoir about the year after her son, Thomas, was born. There are lots of reviews about the book, so you can go read one of them (this one is my favorite and what finally gave me the idea to check at my library for it) if you want that.

This isn't just a book about Down Syndrome, or post-partum depression, although those are two major parts of the book, and I can see why it's often been described as a book about those things. But it's so much more than that. Kathryn has the ability to write about motherhood in a way that can make anyone understand it better.

She also isn't writing a book where everything is all better in the end. It's clear that there are still going to be plenty of challenges ahead, but it's always nice to see how someone deals with something- whatever it is- that knocks them flat on their face.

I also was interested to read about her and her husband's decisions about hearing aids and other various intervention. It seems to me that there is such a push now to provide as many opportunities as possible for disabled children, which is wonderful, but maybe not what every single disabled child needs. I'm glad they were able to make decisions they felt were right for Thomas even though others disagreed with them.

All in all, an excellent read for so many reasons. Do see if it's at your library. Or buy it.

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  1. I have it sitting on my shelf; I just need to put everything else aside for a bit and read it. It sounds lovely.