15 September 2009

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Big Rock Candy Mountain (Contemporary American Fiction)
I've been wanting to read this for a while, so I was pleased when it came up for a book group. And I liked it, although not as much as I liked Angle of Repose last year. When the book was all over, I just didn't like Bo. Usually I sympathize with the main character of a book, even when he or she isn't all that great of a person, because I've learned a lot about the character and understands them better. But I just couldn't sympathize with Bo. I was hoping for something to happen, but he just annoyed me the entire time. And Elsa's understanding of him bugged me even more.

It was still very worth reading for many reasons. A friend of mine who read this recently said there was a lot of big rock mountain, but not much candy. It isn't a very cheerful book. But I love to read Stegner because he writes about the West in a way I relate to. This book in particular talked about so many places I've lived or spent a lot of time. He gets the West. I think I'll try Crossing to Safety too.

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  1. I read Crossing to Safety earlier this year and the characters are so vivid and still haunting me. It is different from Stegner's other work in that it takes place in Madison and in the NE, but it is definitely worth reading!