28 August 2009

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Everyone in the neighborhood was talking about this book, so my neighbor loaned it to me to read so I could talk about it too. Unfortunately, he seems to be on vacation now. Anyway. I liked this book (especially the footnotes that bugged some people- really, who can complain about interesting footnotes). I really know very little about the Dominican Republic and I enjoyed reading something about it, even if it is fiction. But it's the writing that made the book worth reading for me. Words like vibrant are a good way to describe it.

Side note- if you're a careful reader, I'm not recommending it to you.

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  1. I read that book for a class and even wrote a paper on it--I thought it was great (yeah, definitely not the most clean). The writing really sparkles and the footnotes are fun in an edgy, post-modern way. My paper was all about the strategies the author uses to both reveal and obscure information, because in several interviews he has said that he views writing as a tool against dictatorship and the control of information that occurs under government control. And that he views bilingual writing as a sort of 'revenge on English', which I think is interesting too. Glad you liked it--people I know either totally love the book or totally hate it.