02 July 2009

Homeschooling Stuff

Geography and Latin during breakfast
Math, grammar, writing, reading, piano, spelling, and logic (cursive and Persian/Tajik for middle son instead of spelling and logic)
Lunch and stuff
Art, world music, ancient history, and science

We'll see if we can truly get all of that done before lunch. At least the boys will be motivated.

Geography of the World
Lively Latin
Singapore math
Writing Strands
Growing with Grammar
Spelling Time
The World in Ancient Times Set
How Nature Works
Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method
Encyclopedia of World History


  1. What are you using for logic?

  2. Oh, now that you linked to the whole set, I recognize them . . . we've used the primary source volumes for ancient and medieval times from that history set and absolutely LOVE them!

  3. I've thought about using Mind Benders, but they're so expensive. I might just teach the boys how to do logic problems and have them do them online. Oldest son is also lobbying for a Nintendo DS logic game and I might go for that. He'd be happy with anything that didn't involve more writing.

  4. Ambitious schedule! I'm glad your boys are getting such a full education.