01 July 2009

The Early Human World

The Early Human World
I checked The Early Human Worldout of the library mostly to see if this series (The World in Ancient Times)might be good to use for ancient history this year. Can I say how impressed I am with this book? The series is written by experts on ancient history and children's books authors so you get good information that's interesting for children (10-14ish). What you don't get is anything dry, and you don't get the recycled stuff (both true and false) that you find in so much non-fiction for children. The chapters are short (about 6 pages each with plenty of pictures and information on the sidebars).

The best recommendation I can give is that my son, not the most enthusiastic of readers, likes it and willingly reads it. The only problem is that the series is fairly expensive, but I think this is one we'll figure out a way to get.


Julie M. Smith said...

Did you notice that the used ones start at $3.50?

Amira said...

I did, and that's probably how I'll get the set. Except it would be so much easier to just order the entire thing at once...