19 July 2009

Dominus Flevit

Since my parents are going to be in Jerusalem soon and since I don't want them to be afflicted with church disgust while they are there (I'll have to do a post on that sometime) and since I don't ever post much in the summer, I am, at least today and hopefully another day too, going to write about the churches in Jerusalem.

Dominus Flevit is on the Mount of Olives with a lovely view overlooking Jerusalem. If you don't like this small, light, and quiet church, well, you're probably not going to like any of them. Dominus Flevit is a modern church, designed by Barluzzi, but built on an old site. (As a side note, Barluzzi designed a number of churches in the Middle East, including the rather interesting Church of the Beatitudes which was part of the inspiration for the design below the header on this page. His wiki page is only in Italian right now.)

See Luke 19:41


  1. Thanks!

    Small, light and quiet with a lovely view of Jerusalem sounds very promising for avoiding church disgust.

  2. Yes, you will have to post on church disgust sometime. It's piqued my curiosity.

  3. I like that one, definitely!