11 June 2009

Ender's Game

Ender's Game
This is actually the first time I've read Ender's Game. I've been meaning to forever, and my local book group did it this month. I liked it and I can see why it's such a popular science fiction book. I'd like to read more from the series or related books, but I've heard they vary in quality (as do all series) so tell me which ones are worth reading.


Melissa said...

Of the original Ender's series: I love Speaker for the Dead (the best one in my opinion); Xeneocide and Children of the Mind fill out the story, but don't do much for me.

Of the others, I've only read Ender's Shadow, which I liked because it was interesting seeing Ender's Game from a different character's perspective.

Amira said...

Thanks Melissa. I was thinking that you liked Speaker for the Dead.

Nyura said...

Hi Amira,

I second reading the original series listed by Melissa. It followers the Wiggin children as they move through adulthood and all the fallout of their childhood choices. The emotions and experiences are those of moving i to adulthood and the end of life.

My students usually prefer the "companion" series because it maintains the atmosphere of Ender's Game with the youthful characters. Ender's Shadow is another Battle School book told through the eyes of Bean.

annegb said...

Ender's Shadow, for sure. The rest got kind of tedious to me. I buy these books for every young person I know.