29 May 2009

Three Cups of Tea Youth Edition

Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Journey to Change the World... One Child at a Time ( The Young Reader's Edition)
Since I didn't much like the book Three Cups of Tea when I read it last year, but because I think Greg Mortenson's story is an important one to tell, I decided to try reading the new youth edition of Three Cups of Tea. I didn't read every page (since it was telling the same thing as the original), but I did read enough to decide that it was pretty good. It's obviously aimed at children, with plenty of words defined in the glossary and a slightly simplified storyline (that's a good thing, with this book). It's a much quicker read than the original. There's also a pretty long section at the end talking to Mortenson's daughter, Amira, that was interesting.

Even though this is for children, I think it might be the better book to read if you just want to learn about what Greg Mortenson is trying to do in south Central Asia.

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