07 April 2009


You know how you feel when there's a completely exciting possibility out there that you have no control over whether it happens? Something that you'd love to do, but you have to wait and wait to see if you'll be able to do it? Something that you really should remember isn't likely to happen, but you can't help hoping?

That's what I feel like. And the feeling isn't likely to go away anytime soon. In fact, the longer we don't know, the better.


  1. I hope what you are hoping for works out and you don't have to be in suspense for longer.

    However...I fear whatever the thing you want will mean seeing even less of your cute boys than we already do. =(

    I am anxious for Sunday to quiz you down. =)

  2. You probably would have heard last Sunday, except I forgot to chat. We had people over for dinner too.

    You know you can always come visit us wherever we are. :)

  3. Yes, I know and love that feeling, too. Daydreaming, hoping, excitedly anticipating, imagining yourself in that place.....hope you get good news and if not hope you can hold on to this hoping stage a bit longer.

  4. Oh my. Such anticipation is almost palpable from here! I hope you get your way in this!