04 April 2009

Happy Nowruz: Cooking with Children to Celebrate the Persian New Year

This is a great book by Najmieh Batmanglij, a well-known author of Persian cookbooks. Unfortunately, it only made it to the library this week (a touch too late for Nowruz), but I think this is a book worth owning.

I do think the subtitle isn't the best. Yes, there are plenty of recipes, but it's a lot more than a cookbook. I think a better subtitle might have been something along the lines of celebrating Nowruz with your children.

Now, I know that many Americans don't know what Nowruz is, but if you do and are interested in celebrating it, this is an excellent book to explain all aspects of Nowruz, for the entire 4 weeks. Recommended.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation of the book. I've been looking for ways of celebrating Norouz with my daughters.