23 April 2009

Diversity in Reading Meme

I picked this one up at pages turned.

1. Name the last book by a female author that you've read.
Just finishing E.L. Konigsburg's the mysterious edge of the heroic world.

2. Name the last book by an African or African-American author that you've read. It looks like it's been a year since I read anything that I'm sure fits this question (I could well have read something, but didn't know the author was African-American). Last year I read The Dark Child and A Long Way Gone and Dreams from my Father.

3. Name one from a Latino/a author. The most recent was probably How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents, last fall.

4. How about one from an Asian country or Asian-American? China Witness, last month. Banker to the Poor was the month before, and Serve the People and The Hundred Secret Senses and The Joy Luck Club and Better in January.

5. What about a GLBT writer?
Nope. At least nothing where that was the point. I've read lots of books where it's mentioned in passing that the author is GLBT, but I don't remember.

6. Why not name an Israeli/Arab/Turk/Persian writer, if you're feeling lucky? Things I've Been Silent About, last month, then Pomegranate Soup and Persepolis 1 and 2 and The Swallows of Kabul in January.

7. Any other "marginalized" authors you've read lately? I suppose last week's The Silent Steppe should go here, instead of on #4, because I'm betting the writer of the meme wasn't thinking of Kazakhstan for that question.

I'm feeling diverse enough. Of course, half these questions turned out to be about Asia, so I'm at an advantage.


  1. I should do this on my blog, especially since I just took a class on 'multicultural' literature last quarter so now I can look really diverse :) I'm not sure I've read so many Asian books though

  2. Great Meme. And it's showing up how mundane my recent reading has been.

    1. Adrianna Trigliani, Rococo

    2. hm. I think it's been awhile.

    3. wow, that's also been awhile.

    4. Snow Flower and the Fan. Yuck. Hated it. Somewhere around here I was going to read Three Cups of Tea, which has got to be better, but I got sidetracked.

    5. Not that I knew. The last few novels I've read all had GLTB characters: Rococo, The Beach House, the Red Mars series

    6. Firoozeh Dumas. My daughter and I enjoyed her Funny in Farsi a couple years back--I want to read her newer _Laughing Without an Accent_.

    7. Last time I was at my brick-and-mortar lds store, I picked up a copy of Robert Smith's _Bitten_, a romantic comedy printed by Deseret Book. Is that marginal enough? ;-) I think I'll start reading that tonight.

  3. Well, I liked Snow Flower and though Three Cups of Tea was pretty awful (I found a 5-minute movie online of the good-parts version and tell people to watch that instead).

    I should try Laughing with an Accent. I thought Funny in Farsi was pretty good.

    I hadn't even thought of an LDS author being marginalized. :)

  4. You put me to shame, Amira! Thanks for doing the meme. :)