06 March 2009

Two Silly Late Night Memes

1. How big is your house? How many people do you have living in it?

1000 sq ft for five people.

2. How many hours a day do you spend cleaning?

Zero hours, unless you count the dishes as cleaning. I do spend minutes a day cleaning.

3. Do you work for money in or out of the home? Do you clean more/less if (now that) you have a paying job?


4. Are you successful at getting hubs or kids (what age?) to help? HOW?

Sure. My husband likes things to be cleaner than I do. The boys clean the bathroom and their bedroom. It doesn't seem hard, it's just something they have to do and it doesn't take much time (see answer to #1).

5. Do you clean frantically before guests (your mother-in-law) come?

Nope. My mother is coming tomorrow and we haven't done a thing.

6. Does housecleaning/house-messiness/housecleaning-inequity affect your daily contentment?

Nope. A small house forces me into keeping things organized and see answer to #4.

7. Have you discovered how effective blogging is at procrastinating/blocking out messes?

Depends on how old the baby is. Blogging isn't effective if someone is climbing on me, no matter what I'm trying to ignore.

And the other one.

Six things that make me unquestionably, blissfully happy:
1. One-year-olds, especially when they're doing one-year-old things
2. Reading an excellent book
3. Talking about an excellent book with a reader
4. My garden, when I have one
5. Homeschooling
6. Having my husband not practicing law for a while (maybe forever?)

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