15 March 2009

Things I've Been Silent About

Things I've Been Silent About: MemoriesThis is a new memoir by Azar Nafisi about her life in Iran. It was good, although I didn't enjoy it as much as Reading Lolita in Tehran. If you read that one because it was about books, then you probably wouldn't be very interested in Things I've Been Silent About, but if you enjoyed Reading Lolita for more reasons than the books, then you'd probably like this one.


  1. Hmmm. So it's mostly about her life in Iran? Before or after the revolution? Could be interesting...

  2. Thanks for this reminder. I loved "Reading Lolita in Tehran" and kept meaning to put this on my library list. Had a chance to meet Nafisi last year when she spoke at the local college...she was a very moving speaker so I would love to learn even more about her life. I believe she mentioned this during her talk...doesn't a fair amount of the book center on secrets she learned about her mother or did I make that up?

  3. She does write a lot about her mother, and I suppose you could call what she writes secrets, but it's more what the title is- things you don't talk about, even if everyone knows them.

    Melissa, if you wander back, it's about her life in Iran up till she leaves for the US in the 90s.