25 March 2009

Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean

I requested this book from the library because it looked so interesting and was compared to some of my favorite Paula Wolfert cookbooks. When it arrived, I got a little worried when the title announced the author's restaurant, because I usually don't like restaurant-owner cookbooks so much. They're not quite in touch with homecooks, often.

My first flick-through looked good though. Interesting asides, innovative organization, readable. The recipes looked good too. But then things started to go downhill when I read the somewhat too-detailed instructions, and saw things like roasted peaches. I have nothing against roasted peaches, but I'm not doing them here.

There's a lot of good in here, but to me, it's a bit too much like trying to recreate upscale-restaurant-style food instead of the home cooking and baking traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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  1. Ah, but I think those kind of books are fun to page through. I agree, though: they're just not practical.