23 March 2009

And There Was Light

And There Was Light: Autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran, Blind Hero of the French ResistanceI picked up this book about a blind man who was involved with the French Resistance and betrayed on the recommendation of a friend who loved it. I can see why she loved it. It's an inspiring book, and interesting, especially when he talked about his blindness, and I'd imagine a lot of people would enjoy it. I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped though, but I usually am not a fan of this style of autobiography.


  1. Is this the book you were anxious to finish tonight as you were putting your cute little one in bed? We were all curious what book it was that you were anxiously running off to read. =)

  2. Just kidding, I bet it was the garlic and sapphires one. I should have been patient for the next post to pop up. =)

  3. You win some, you lose some. And I'm not a fan of autobiographies, either. Memoirs are okay... though don't ask me to tell you the difference between the two!