20 February 2009

I dug out the spinning and crocheting and quilting stuff this week. All I've done since the baby was born is read and cook, and I'm ready to branch out a bit. I'm hoping to start weaving soon too, but since I've been saying that for years, I don't know that it will really happen. It looks like we could be here for another year, so it's worth getting some boxes out again. Two years in one place would be new.

I should get going on a language again. Farsi would make sense, or Uzbek since my husband is studying that. I could whip my Russian into shape, but I won't since I don't really like Russian. It's a language of necessity for me, unlike Arabic. I would like to work on Arabic again. Unfortunately, all my friends here either speak English or Korean.

Blah blah blah. I want to go to Asia. At least we're having something good for dinner (this link makes it look way more complicated than it actually is, since you don't have to do everything there). Honestly, if I didn't cook Asian food, I'd probably go crazy.

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