11 February 2009

Current Food Project

I'm finished looking for fish recipes and have moved on to stuff to put on rice. On plain, cooked rice. About once a week I like to cook a big pot of rice and have lots of different things to put on it. The boys like a basic red curry. I do too, but I also really like buttermilk curry and nam jeem and spicy peanut sauces and more. There's always some sort of homemade chile paste in the fridge. And of course there's soy sauce and fish sauce and black vinegar and rice vinegar and all that. I need to go through my cookbooks more carefully, since there really isn't a big sauce section. But there are sauces in most every cookbook that can go on rice.

Any more suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. We've always fancied a ratatouille type concoction on rice.

    Black beans (mostly pureed, some left whole) with onion and garlic served with salsa is a good choice also.

    We will bake chicken with salsa and serve it with rice. Not all that exciting, but always a willing group to take it on.

    A good old fashioned gumbo is a great way to eat rice.

    If you need recipes, let me know.