13 January 2009


I've wanted to subscribe to Steppe ever since it started to be published, but at $25 an issue, it was a bit steep for me. I can buy a book about Central Asia for that. But I did get the bright idea of asking for it for Christmas and our first issue came last week. It covers all the stans except Pakistan and also Xinjiang.

The things I liked about it: very diverse, many book reviews, a cooking section, lots of beautiful photos, very little advertising, and did I mention it is diverse?

The thing I didn't love: There really were a lot of pictures and I would have preferred more text since I felt like I whipped right through the magazine. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it's not as satisfying to me as a couple of pages of text. My husband loved all the pictures though. He never reads much of the text in any magazine.

Nyura has long been big fan of Steppe. I'd love to get the back issues.

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