11 January 2009

The Hunger Games

The Hunger GamesI think this was the fastest almost-400-page book I've ever read. I did have to sleep in the middle of it (I had a hard time stopping my brain so I could go to sleep, but I really had to sleep). Melissa's review sums it up perfectly. I look forward to discussing this one.

Several of the things that bothered other reviewers didn't bother me. The story still wrapped up despite the obvious cliff-hanger. Dystopian novels aren't really my thing, so it didn't seem to me as if the plot was over-used. And I've never been much for reality TV, so I didn't get hung up on any of those comparisons. It all just worked for me and I loved the book.

One more thing about dystopian novels- I still like The Giver the best because the people in the society made a conscious choice to live the way they do. The members of society thought they could create something better. It seems that dystopian societies generally go in for a lot of coercion to keep things going, but The Giver was different (even though there clearly was coercion in some cased in The Giver).

Another for Melissa's challenge, since food is one of the main themes in this book.


  1. I hadn't even thought of this working for the challenge, but you're right, it does. And I'm glad you like it. Russell and I were trying to figure out what, exactly, there is to discuss, aside from "good book, we all liked it". But I think it could be a good discussion, too.

  2. Oh, there's a lot I'd like to discuss, particularly about war.