12 November 2008

Why Do I Love These People

Why Do I Love These People? Honest and Amazing Stories of Real FamiliesI read this one for a book group. And, no, I didn't expect to like it and I didn't really. It wasn't worth the time. It's really almost a self-help book, although a step above that. But I do read books if the book group chooses them, and I've been assured that this group read a variety of books. And I prefer a book group to get to know people in our student housing neighborhood instead of playgroups or craft groups or exercise groups or whatever.

Anyway, this is a bunch of stories about different families and their troubles. It's not always cheery, but there is definitely an upbeat and encouraging feel to the book, I thought. I did like that part of Po Bronson's message is that families in general are doing okay- we don't need to fear for them or to start them.

I skipped or skimmed most of Bronson's analysis of what you were supposed to learn from each family. Generally, it was pretty obvious. So I'd generally read the first half of each chapter and gloss over the rest. I got enough out of it to be polite at the next group.

I can see why lots of people love this book. But it's not for me (nor should it be for a book group in general, because it leads to a boring discussing, or, worse, people telling about their own families' problems).

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