07 November 2008

How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents

How the Garcia Girls Lost Their AccentsI read this one for a book group. I'd considered it and passed it over before (for Melissa's challenge last year- she's doing another this year), but I read it this time since I read the selected book if I'm part of the group.

Anyway, I liked it. I didn't find it it be amazing, but it was a good book. The story was believable and told in an interesting way. I didn't think it was confusing that it switched narrators often and from first person to third person. I also liked that it was told in reverse chronological order. And I always like books about families that only have daughters.


  1. I agree with your last sentence. =)

  2. Of course, I'm reading this one right now :) I like it so far! I just signed up for Melissa's challenge - I'm interested to see which books you choose to read!