04 November 2008

Halloween and Samhain

Before my children were born, and when they were little, I though Halloween wasn't a great holiday. Not that I thought it was evil or anything like that, but I did think it was pointless and silly. But now I love it.

It's a community holiday. Can you celebrate Halloween at home with just your family? Not really. Halloween is all about getting out on the streets, meeting your neighbors, and having a great time. We've lost that in most parts of the US.

It's fun and exciting to dress up and go out in the dark, especially when you're a kid. You don't get to do that very often.

Candy. Yum.

And this year, after a discussion on my homeschooling boards about Samhain, I learned more about the history of Halloween and I found it fascinating. We tried a couple of new things this year to celebrate Samhain too.

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