12 November 2008

Founding Mothers and Tales from the Expat Harem

I'm doing these together because I didn't finish either. Cokie Roberts' comments and asides throughout Founding Mothers drove me nuts, so I ended up skimming it after reading half of the book. And honestly, I'm much more interested in pre- and post-revolutionary America than in the actual Revolution (not that Roberts spent all her time on the Revolution, but I got bogged down there). I also don't necessarily like reading popular non-fiction by journalists. They usually write well, since they're trained to produce popular stuff, but I always have reservations about the accuracy of what I'm reading. I'd rather read denser non-fiction by scholars that also happen to write well.

I liked Tales from the Expat Harem at first, but I got bogged down in that one too. There was too much about personal lives and not enough about Turkey, although several of the essays were very good. But there were enough I wasn't interested in that it wasn't worth my time to find the good ones. A Woman's Asia was much better for overseas experiences of women.

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