16 October 2008

It seems that every year I somehow get a little more organized. Or little less lazy, more likely. But whatever it is, I feel like we've hit on the perfect routine for the week that gets things done but still leaves me time to be, well, lazy.

We're getting school done in the morning, no questions asked, nothing can interfere. No other appointments or anything else. We're unavailable. The baby naps for a couple of hours in the middle of the day and is generally happy the rest of the time. He sleeps from about 7 in the evening to 7 in the morning (with a few snacks in the night). The boys are pretty willingly getting their schoolwork done in the morning so they can play by themselves in the afternoon and then play outside later after all the other kids in the neighborhood get home from school. There's time to cook too, which is good, since we have to be cheap this year.

I am having trouble not being annoyed with my husband's schedule though, especially on Wednesdays. He sits in his office, reading and writing interesting things about Central Asia, while I'm trying to manage 3 little boys and homeschooling and feeding everyone and doing everything else. I've never been jealous of him before.

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