31 October 2008

Hand-Pulled Noodles

I make laghman now with homemade noodles (here's a more traditional recipe); they're much better than store-bought noodles. I've tried a couple of different sorts of noodles and these hand-stretched noodles are the best, but not what I had in Central Asia (so can I be making laghman if I don't have laghman?). But it turns out that it's very difficult to make those long, hand-pulled, thick laghman noodles (lamian in China).

But some nice software engineer decided to figure out how to make these noodles. He says he made over 35 batches of these to get the recipe and techniques right, and he's got everything you need on his website (except the patience, you'll have to find that yourself). This link goes to the page that takes you to everything you'll need (and one more link to a video in Chinese).

I hope I can try these this weekend; they look rather fun to make if you can get the dough and technique right.

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