17 October 2008

Do you have recipes that you've always thought about trying, but for whatever reason, like not having time or the right ingredients on hand, haven't ever tried them? I've got lots of those, and I've been able to try them here, because I both have time now and a grocery store right here.

So I can pull down an interesting cookbook after lunch, find something that looks delicious, go to the store if I need something (this is allowed if you don't buy other stuff, and usually I have what we need), and have time through the afternoon to get everything ready. Even side dishes. Last night we had fish smothered in tahini. The night before, homemade rice noodles. Delicious.

(That fish was SO good. It was baked with golden-brown chunks of sauteed onions and I doubled the sauce so there would be plenty to go on the rice. It was from The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean.)

1 comment:

  1. even side dishes. I'm doubly impressed.

    Making same-day food like this always makes me feel like I'm living in France.