27 September 2008

Sarah Palin

I haven't blogged about Sarah Palin because I've been able to talk about her with friends. She was a great topic of conversation just before we moved. I don't have anyone to talk to her yet, but she's still a great topic of conversation.

I ought to wait till after the VP debate to post this, because I think that could well seal her fate. She did exactly what she was supposed to do in the convention, but I don't think McCain was looking much beyond that convention week when he picked her. How can you expect someone to get up to speed on so many different issues in just a couple of weeks? Her interview with Katie Couric was painful for everyone, from the viewers to Couric and Palin. An interview with Katie Couric shouldn't be painful, at least for the interviewee.

What disappoints me most is that McCain had other women whom he could have chosen, if he was determined to choose a woman, women who already have significantly broader knowledge about the issues facing this country than Sarah Palin does.

But even though I'm disappointed, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching this all unfold. And I'll keep enjoying it unless it ends up as a thoroughly embarrassing trainwreck for someone.

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