01 October 2008

Low-Altitude Adjustments

Up till now, I've spent all but one year of my living at a high altitude, or at least what would be defined as a high altitude for baking. Usually it's been around 4,500 feet, although some places in Idaho were only 2,500 feet.

That means I'm having to make adjustments for low altitude baking. I have to follow the recipes instructions and bake stuff for the recommended time and at the recommended temperature or it'll be burned. The rice will be done in the time the recipe says, not five minutes later. Cakes don't fall.

It's almost taken the fun out of cooking. Although my spice cake that by definition is always sunken was pretty good the other day without a pit in the middle.

I should go back through my recipes and say whether it's a low-altitude one or a high. Because I wasn't always consistent when I posted them here if I'd post my changes or post the real recipe.

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  1. I had the same experience with the spice cake in Petersburg :)