24 September 2008

Back on the Other Side

We survived the move.

We even got lucky; the day we drove out, we found out we'd gotten into a 3-bedroom townhome. It's even 100 square feet bigger than our last place. We drove and drove and drove to get here by 4 the next afternoon and now we're settled in. I even have all my books out.

I have all my books out because of this:

We bought this before the move, thinking we'd use it as a room divider. Turns out we don't need it in this apartment, so it's now in my bedroom. It can hold over 10! boxes of books (since the shelves are deep). We should have gotten one a long time ago.

When you switch apartments the day you move, your mail takes a long time to find you. I think it's still wandering about and may never get here.

I read a good book recently but I can't remember anything about it now to post. I've read a lot of not-so-good books this summer too. There will be a lot of Central Asia books again over the next few months. Did I mention my husband is taking Central Asian politics this semester? Did I mention that I'm looking forward to it more than he is? And he'd taking Uzbek.


  1. We have that same bookshelf (different color though) and we love it. We still have way too many books in storage, though--hopefully we'll have more space when we next move.

    Congrats on getting moved into your new place!

  2. So good to have you back. Congrats on the extra 100 square feet-cool.

    I have that bookcase too, the old two-tone version. It does make a great room divider.

  3. I didn't know you had that much extra space. Hooray!

  4. The only reason I got the rest of the books on that case (we have 5 others) was that I doubled them up on most shelves. I'm thinking it would be really good as a room divider because you could put books facing out of both sides.

  5. I have two of those in white. I love them!