07 August 2008

You've Been in Russia a Long Time

I found this old link today, and had to post it in honor of my parents who have been in Russia for the last 18 months.

Here are a few highlights:

7)You take a plastic bag everywhere 'just in case'
8)You yell 'Alyo!?' into the phone when you answer
11)You remember with scorn the time when you had to buy the whole multipack of yogurts, and not just snap out your favourite flavour
18)You start measuring in km, kg, and, koneshno, sto gramms!
19)You get suspicious when someone smiles at you (rightly so).
31)'Da net!' becomes a logical and useful phrase
36)You keep typing 'н' instead of 'n'
41)Strangers are 'molodoi chelovek!' (young man) or 'devushka' (young woman)
42)You ride the marshrutka shouting 'ostanovite na ostanovke' EXACTLY where you want to stop, and not worrying about handing your money to the driver via 6 people
45)You know you're going to miss everything when you get back


  1. Thanks! You provided many chuckles this morning :)

  2. I thought you'd approve.