02 August 2008

Solar Eclipse

It's interesting to compare the reactions to yesterday's solar eclipse to the one in March of 2006 that also cut a path through Asia. This one was significantly better publicized and there was a lot of blogging about it, but the 2006 eclipse was hardly noticed (I saw it though), even though you could see much of the same thing in many places. The March 2007 eclipse was the same. I can't remember any blogging about that one.

Asia has a couple more total solar eclipses coming up in the next few years: one in Indonesia in January 2009, another in India, Bhutan (I'd love to be in Thimphu then!), China, and a few other places in July 2009, and then one in January of 2010 in India and Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and China. And then my book that charts eclipses ends.

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