05 August 2008

Small Irritations

People who only have cell phones and no land line. I don't really like to call you when you're grocery shopping, or at the pool, or on vacation in another country. I especially don't like to have to pay long distance fees to do so.

Costco. I cannot see the attraction. I am tired of Costco food. It's better than regular prepared foods, sometimes, but still, it's processed food. I don't like it when I ask for a recipe (usually to be polite) and find out it's from Costco. I am tired of eating cookies and potato salad from Costco. The produce is good, but no cheaper than the regular grocery store. And you have to buy so much more at a time. I feel like almost everything I eat outside of my home is from Costco. At least someone else had to go there and brave the crowds.

I think that's all that's been bothering me recently. Since I am not pregnant and living in an apartment that can be kept cool, I have been much happier this summer than last summer.


  1. I agree completely about the cell phone thing. I hate talking to people on cell phones, especially when they are in the middle of doing something noisy. Don't you love when I call you on our cell phone at the end of my month to use up my minutes? =)

  2. I do like that. Especially since you don't have only a cell phone.