14 July 2008

Families Need Not Apply

We've still not found an apartment in our next city that works for us. Well, we've found apartments that work for us, but every time we send an email to get more information, we're told that these 2-bedroom apartments aren't big enough for our family. Never mind that it is illegal to advertise a 2-bedroom apartment and then refuse to rent it to a family with children, (unless the apartment is very small, and these haven't been less than 900 square feet) .

Of course, no one has to rent to a family with children. But you can't advertise that you won't, and if you do advertise and then refuse to rent to someone simply based on that fact that that family has too many children, that's illegal. I understand why owners would be concerned about renting to a family, but families need places to live too.

We've never had trouble like this, but we've never had 3 children before either. But do these laws really do any good for us right now? We need an apartment soon.


  1. in our county you cannot put more than 2 same sex children in one bedroom in a rental unit. that may be what is going on. where is your next city?

  2. The places we've talked to won't allow any children at all, or no more than one per bedroom, which is not what the law allows in the city we're moving to. I'm sorry, but I won't say which one it is here.

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2008

    Don't want to give away your location, so I'll go anonymous, but I'll tell you that one thing we didn't like about that particular city is the fact that there are a lot of people who like dogs more than kids. There are plenty of families, but especially when it comes to landlords you're more likely to find pet-friendly than kid friendly. Sad.