17 July 2008

A Book Meme, Because I Like Them

What kind of book are you most comfortable reading?

If I'm sleepy or sick or feeling blah in general, I like to reread something, or just slowly work through a couple of books. That's why my summer reading is always so bland. I feel blah all summer. But then it cools off again and most of the year I'm most comfortable reading excellent fiction and interesting non-fiction.

What kind of a book do you love to hate?

Popular stuff and romance stuff. Self-help is generally awful too, as is most stuff about current US politics.

What was the last book you surprised yourself by liking?

Angle of Repose. I didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it. I hoped to like it.

What was the last book you surprised yourself by disliking?

I didn't like Three Cups of Tea, but I'm not sure that was a surprise. Like Melissa, I was surprised to not like The Book Thief.

What would be the worst book to be marooned on a desert island with?

The very worst? There are so many that would be awful. Something short and boring though would probably be the worst.

What book would you take with you if you suspected you might be marooned in the near future?

Well, when I was sort of marooned a few years ago, I took lots of classics, some non-fiction, and a few old favorites. An old favorite might be best.

What forces you to read outside your comfort zone?

My book group and online suggestions, especially suggestions from trusted friends. But I wouldn't really say that there are a lot of books outside my comfort zone. I'll read just about anything, but there's not much that will make me read books that I don't think are worth my time.

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