30 June 2008

Tunguska Event

I can't believe I also missed writing about the Tunguska Event today, one hundred years after it happened (Of course, I could save it for tomorrow, since it happened on the morning June 30, 1908. In my time zone, that was early this evening.) I think that reading about this years ago was what first got me interested in Siberia and made me realize that there was a lot more to Siberia than gulags.

A few things always come to mind when I think about this- how lucky that it hit in one of the most desolate places on the planet, but since the location is so remote, how little we really know about it, and how unfortunate that the political situation at the time didn't allow for much early investigation.

And it's always fun to check every few years to see what new theories are out there explaining it. I especially like to find what the Evenki thought it was. Maybe someday I'll be able to see The Tunguska Project.

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