25 June 2008

Canned Ground Beef

My mother-in-law gave us a box of canned chicken an beef. Raw beef. With lots and lots of fat. Since I am not willing to adulterate my one beef meal for the month with this stuff, my husband has had a great time thinking up all sorts of beefy meals to feed himself. Meals that I don't have to eat, which works, since there's more than one meal I make that he doesn't care much for.

But since I like wraps, the canned chicken has some potential. I made some tortillas (tortillas are so easy to make, it's not worth buying them) the other day and filled them the canned chicken mixed with yogurt, chili paste, garlic, and salt; and some carrot salad. That carrot salad is becoming a staple around here. I put it on all sorts of things.

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