28 May 2008

The Mums Are Taking Over

It seems that those potted mums have taken over cemeteries at Memorial Day. You know the ones I mean, with different colors of foil that are sold in sets of three in all the grocery stores.

I'm ready for something new. Sure, the mums are easy, but they're really pretty awful. I'd probably like them better in the summer or fall when mums are in season, but in the spring, can't we had some peonies or lilacs or roses or tulips or any of the other spring flowers? A friend of mine who understands why I don't like the mums said she might put "No mums please" on her tombstone. Sounds perfect. :)

You don't have to buy expensive flowers, or even lots of flowers. For the same price as 3 pots of mums, you could buy three bunches of mixed flowers that could be put on a large number of graves. Or cut flowers from your garden. Or put stones on the graves. But I'm about ready to start an anti-mum movement.

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