14 May 2008


Am I the only who gets excited for what you're cooking for dinner? I just can't wait sometimes. I've got to get some new recipes posted sometime.


  1. Though I'm still in my slump from doing any interesting cooking, I am still excited about cooking dinner. I am impressed with myself for coming up with vegetarian/non vegetarian hybrid meals.

    tonight we had bow pasta with red sauce from a jar, decent parmesan cheese, and sausage and/or hard boiled eggs on the side. We drank milk. We made toast of whole wheat sourdough bread, and sprinkled garlic salt on it.

    Oh, and there was some leftover artichoke-lemon ravioli from Trader Joe. And we actually did the dishes right after the meal.

  2. I love your meal posts on your blog. You come up with all sorts of neat things to eat.