24 April 2008

Rosetta Stone Farsi

I've finished Unit 1 in Rosetta Stone Farsi. There are currently 2 units available.

Pros to Rosetta Stone:
It's easy to sit down and spend a few minutes every day studying your language
You get lots of listening practice
It's simple to use, even for children

It's limited in what you can practice, and there's not much opportunity to create
EXPENSIVE- I think it's unreasonably expensive

The first 8 lessons covered pretty much what my Persian books covers- present tense, comparatives, adjectives, etc, and a lot of the same vocabulary. I do think RS is useful when it's used with other resources, but when you have to spend this much, I don't know if I can recommend it, especially if only one person will be using it.

As for Persian books, we have An Introduction to Persian and Teach Yourself Modern Persian. I like the first, my husband likes the second. And I think he would really dislike the first and I definitely dislike the second. Thackston is pretty technical with its grammatical terms, but TYMP isn't at all useful for grammar, and it's nice sometimes to be able to just see the conjugations. There really isn't a generally useful book for Persian.

For other posts about RS, click on the Rosetta Stone link below.


  1. I have Rosetta Stone 1 & 2 for Russian, and I think it's pretty good, but only as one angle on learning a language. My brain needs more explicit structure, so I also have to have a grammar book so I can make analogies to English language structure. RS is awfully expensive (a birthday present to myself, hope the kids can use it later), but I've seen that several public library systems are offering it online. Worth checking out.

  2. I don't think RS works through libraries anymore, at least from what I've heard from other homeschoolers. And you were always limited to the languages the library offered, and I'd imagine Persian wasn't too popular a choice.

  3. Hi there,
    I came across your post on Rosetta Stone Persian...I haven't found RS to be very good either. Northstar has a very terrific French curriculum though! I've found quite a useful book - its called Beginner's Dari by Shaista Wahab. Of course if you're looking to speak Iranian Persian this wouldn't be exactly what you'd want, though its good. It is written to teach spoken and written Kabuli Dari. But its quite good and it does have the congegations! It comes with a cd as well. Have a look if you're interested!