15 April 2008

I think the thing that bothers me about living a life that's a little different from the mainstream is always being questioned about my choices. You homeschool? Why do you move so often? You eat that? You still rent? You lived where? and so on. I don't intentionally bring these things up, but they come up in polite conversation. Sometimes I want to type up a little FAQ card that I can just hand to people.

Of course, most of the people who are asking the questions don't really care about the answers. I just need to think up more creative answers. Maybe I can say that we homeschool because I don't believe in chalkboards (or dry erase boards). Or that we move a lot because I'm trying to determine if the world is really round. That would make it a lot more interesting for both sides.


  1. I definitely would try out that you are moving to test out if the world is round.

  2. Some of us are curious about your homeschooling and moving around so much because we are JEALOUS that you have such an adventurous life!!

    When people ask you why you move, you should tell them that you're in the witness protection program and 'they' might find you if you stop.

  3. I'll have to try that one Karen.

    I do think a few are interested (and I usually have a nice chat with those people) but most really are just being polite.