06 March 2008

The Wrap

No, this finally isn't a post about food or books (since that's about all I've done recently). It's about the baby. I'm not really into having a lot of stuff for babies (no swing, stroller, bouncy seat, whatever, not even a crib this time around), but I did try a couple of carriers this time around.

I already knew I liked slings from when I used one with the older boys, so I've been happy with my Maya Wrap. I have a lightly padded one and I really like the pocket. It's big enough to hold everything I need when we go out without being in the way. I don't use it much right now since my baby is long but not ready to sit up. We'll use it a lot more in a few months when he is sitting and when it is too hot for my other carrier. Some people complain that the sling is hard to adjust, but watching the CD and practicing help a lot. And a little baby will look funny in it.

But what I've really been impressed with is my wrap. I picked it up second hand or I probably wouldn't have spent the money on it since they look way complicated. Mine is a stretchy wrap. There are lots of brands of wraps, but the basic differences are stretchy and woven. This site has the best instructions I've seen online of different ways to carry your baby. There are a couple of drawbacks- since the fabric is stretchy, I need to wrap it quite tight to keep the baby from sagging after a few hours. And it'll be too hot for the summer, no question. It also doesn't have a handy pocket like my sling, but since I need a jacket when we go out, I just use the pockets there. But it doesn't hurt my back or shoulders at all, even after two hours without a break. And my baby LOVES it. He's sleeping in it right now. I also like that it holds him more tightly against my body than the sling does when I'm trying to get things done. And don't let this wrap scare you. It's easier to use than it looks. And don't buy an expensive one. Find one secondhand or make your own. It's just a really long piece of fabric.

I still haven't tried gdiapers like I planned on. This little boy grew out of the small size by the time he was a month old and I haven't ordered any mediums because our toilets have been temperamental and not always able to handle toilet paper, much less a gdiaper. The maintenance guys don't want to be up here all the time, no matter how nice they are. Maybe in the next apartment, since there will certainly be a next one before too long.

And that's all. The only other stuff we use are clothes and diapers, and regular clothes and diapers are boring.


  1. We gave away our crib when we were overseas, thinking we wouldn't need it anymore, but it turns out we were wrong.... I'm not sure I want to buy another one, so I'm curious what you have done instead. (You're welcome to email me.)

    I haven't used a wrap or sling before. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  2. Well, congratulations on needing a crib again. :)

    The baby sleeps with me or in the car seat. He gets stuffed up at night so the car seat is a lot better than the crib would be.

    We didn't have one of these removeable car seats the first two times around. It's been nice to have the option of leaving it in the car or taking it out.

    Anyway. That's more than you wanted to know.

  3. Thanks--those are good ideas. I've had my other babies sleep with me sometimes when they were infants (everyone seems to get a lot more sleep that way), but it's nice to have a crib for them when they are weaned and walking. :)

  4. I expect we'll do a crib when he turns one. Our main reason for no crib right now is that there's just not room for it.