26 March 2008

Odds and Ends

I am fascinated by the marketing that is geared toward the green crowd. Since green is trendy now, it's also expensive, and apparently wasteful, since you have to replace everything with more earth-friendly stuff.

Thursday was World Water Day and Global Gal blogged about it. For the record, the scariest toilet I ever had to use was in Egypt at a border crossing. The nicest pit toilet I ever used was in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. But usually I can use a clean, indoor flushing toilet. I'm not grateful enough for that.

neweurasia Kazakhstan had some links about China's borders. China's and India's disputes are much more well known than some of China's disputes with former Soviet republics.

neweurasia Kyrgyzstan wrote about the cost of Kyrgyz traditions, especially weddings and funerals. We certainly saw that in Kyrgyzstan!

Bakiev isn't dead, he just had hip surgery. He's been out of Kyrgyzstan all month and apparently thought that rumors of his death were better than just telling people he had hip surgery. Unless he really didn't...

Languagehat wrote about linguistic connections across the Bering Sea.

And the Azamat Report wrote about the Turkish schools in Central Asia from an article in the Economist. My husband's translator was a product of this system and we were certainly impressed. We visited one of their schools in Naryn.

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