20 March 2008

New Moon

I'm becoming less sure what all the hype is about this series as I read more of it...


  1. It's cause people who normally wouldn't give themselves permission to read a romance novel think this one is blessed because the author happens to be LDS and/or all their friends in Utah are talking about it.

    And, I thought it was a good read. She set up some good tension. It went fast.

  2. I agree it's a good read, and it goes fast and there's a really interesting story there.

  3. I have to agree with Johnna. That's why I read this series. All of my LDS friends in Utah were talking about it, so of course I had to know why. Overall, the series was fun. Writing could be better but I can see why teenagers love this series so much.

  4. A junior high teacher in my school is convinced that the major appeal is -- and I paraphrase -- "dangerous sex, not had."

    I have to say, it makes sense to me.